Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
Creating a Motion Graphics Template for Color Schemes


A Step-By-Step Guide On Creating Animation Templates in Adobe After Effects For Levelling Up Your Mock-Up Efficiency

About This Class

This class will teach you how to set up a multiple colour schemes of your animation within Adobe After Effects. You will be able to can switch between your colour schemes, without needing to duplicate the composition, scene or any elements of the animation. 

In this class, I'll go through the process of writing expressions, using controllers, the essential graphics panel and master properties!

This class will enhance your understanding of the programming language within After Effects, how to use variables and statements. 

Who This Class Is For

This class is perfect for animation and After Effects beginners. No previous knowledge of expressions or programmisng is necessary.

What You'll Learn

  • Writing Expressions
    • I will talk you through writing a statement
    • You will learn how to structure your expression by using variables
    • You will learn about arrays
  • Using Controllers
    • You will learn what you can do with controller
    • You will find out which limitations they have
  • Colour Properties
    • You will learn about the different colour properties of shapes
    • I will tell you about my experience with RGB codes
    • You will link colour properties to controllers and learn how to use them to manipulate you colours
  • Master Properties
    • You will learn how to change the colours of your scene without affecting the original properties
    • You will create multiple colour variants of your scene, with just one comp

Materials / Resources

You will not need any other software to create this animation apart from Adobe After Effects.

Why You Should Watch

This class is a great introduction into using expressions for animation. You will be able to optimise your future projects, with this efficient set-up.

Having a foundational knowledge in expression, will give you an advantage to get your animation projects to the next level.