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How to Animate Lower Third Graphics in After Effects


Personalise Your Video Marketing & Learn to Code in After Effects | MOGRTs 2 of 3

About This Class

Have you ever needed to describe someone or something in your video? Maybe mention their name on screen, what they do, combined with a cool animation?

Perhaps you need some animated graphics for your Premiere Pro video project?

That’s what I am teaching you in this class!

Why You Should Watch


What we are creating in this course is a great addition to class up a YouTube or talking heads video. You will gain a set of branded graphics, to personalise your video marketing and infuse it with a pop of colour.


I will take you through the process of animating a title and subtitle with a frame, adding expressions to create a responsive design and setting up your template in the Essential Graphics Panel for use in Premiere Pro.

Who This Class Is For

  1. This class is perfect for intermediate learners.
  2. You might be more at ease with After Effects, if you have used it before but I will take you through everything step by step.
  3. No previous knowledge of creating motion graphics templates or writing expressions is required.

What You'll Learn

Animating a template

  •  You will learn how to take an existing title template and transform it
  • You will adjust expressions to create a lower third
  • You will learn how to keep different templates in the same style

Writing expressions

  • You will advance your coding knowledge
  • You will write complex code to create a responsive and modular design
  • You will learn new expressions functions
  • You will learn JavaScript terminology

Using the Essential Properties in After Effects

  • You will learn how to use a template composition in After Effects
  • You will be able to change and customise text and other properties in After Effects
  • You will learn the limitations and advantages of using the template in After Effects
  • You will understand the difference between the Essential Graphics Panel and Master Properties
  • You’ll be able to use multiple instances of the same comp in After Effects

    What You’ll Gain

    By the end of this class

    1. You will be able to create and use responsive animation templates in After Effects.
    2. You will be knowledgeable in how to use MOGRTS for your video projects
    3. You will advance your expressions coding skill level.

    Materials / Resources

    You will need Adobe After Effects to complete this class. Please download the assets provided in the resources.

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