Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
AsapScience - What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World?


What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World?

I managed the project collaboration with AsapScience. I supported the motion design team at Kurzgesagt with animating the scenes in the last third of the video.

The challenge of this project was working remotely on a video that was fully delivered to another YouTube channel, whilst maintaining the Kurzgesagt aesthetic, including working with a script and voice-over not produced in-house.

Through direct communication and collaborative planning, we managed to produce a video that was in-line with the Kurzgesagt brand and illustrated the AsapScience storytelling.

The animations are in the typical Kurzgesagt style, designed and illustrated by the illustration despartment at Kurzgesagt.

Supporting Animation: Sonja Geracsek 

Project Management: Sonja Geracsek

Illustration: Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Collaboration: AsapScience