Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
FinanzRitter - Hybrid
FinanzRitter Hybrid - Motion design by Sonja Geracsek
FinanzRitter Hybrid - Motion design by Sonja Geracsek
FinanzRitter Hybrid - Motion design by Sonja Geracsek

Empowering Services through Motion Design for FinanzRitter


In a quest to enhance the marketing impact of FinanzRitter, a German insurance consultancy, Liv Engel sought motion design support from Sonja to bring the communications initiative together.

Designed to connect with viewers, this advertisement aims to illustrate how FinanzRitter offers expert consulting services by real people.

With Sonja's involvement, this explainer video was poised to bring FinanzRitter's offerings to life with captivating motion design.


In this creative endeavor, Liv entrusted Sonja to breathe life into the advertisement.

The motion design production came to life through the contribution of three meticulously crafted animated scenes, closely aligned with Liv Engel's creative direction.

The animation seamlessly embodied the distinctive look and feel of the FinanzRitter brand.

Sporting an artful balance between a darker palette and a lighthearted illustration style, the animation employed the metaphor of a "Ritter" (knight in German) as a visual representation, reflecting the essence of the brand.


Crafted captivating motion graphic design, that weaved the remote collaboration seamlessly together into one cohesive animation.

Enriched marketing efforts with visual dynamism, expanding the reach and resonance of the campaign.

Increased sales and amplified engagement from the audience.

Facilitated efficient project completion and achieved successful product delivery within budget and timeline contraints.


By conveying FinanzRitter's expertise through the lens of motion design, the advertisement effectively resonated with viewers, translating into real-world success for the company.

The FinanzRitter Hybrid campaign highlights the transformative potential of motion design in bolstering brand communications and marketing efforts.

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Animation & Creative Direction: Live Engel

Supporting Animation: Sonja geracsek

Client: FinanzRitter