Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
Schloss Blumental - Herzflug Festival


I was delighted to work with my former colleauge Benedikt Frommer again, for this event trailer. We used to work at the same company and had produce many animations together in the past. Since going freelance, we both worked in different fields and hadn't had the chance to work on the same project.

Together with Alexandra Tuchel, Benedikt had illustrated the graphics for this meditative motion graphics piece, which I animated following their storyboard. The festival was promoting mindfulness and calm in a nature setting. A feeling I incorporated into the movement of the fairly-like creatures, the fluid swaying of the leaves and floating light glimmers.

Similar to a title sequence a trailer evokes the feeling and mood of the upcoming event. It should invite you into its world and carry a unique vibe, which in this case was holistic mindfulness, connecting to oneself and the surrounding nature. Both the illustration and animation are inteded to bring this atmosphere to the viewer and prepare them for what the festival has in store for them.​​​​

Animation: Sonja Geracsek

Illustration: Benedikt Frommer & Alexandra Tuchel

Client: Schloss Blumental