Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
JDRF - Count Me In Campaign

Courageous Battle: #CountMeIn Awareness Campaign for JDRF


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) faced the challenge of raising awareness about type 1 diabetes and dispelling common misconceptions associated with the condition.

In a collaborative effort,

they teamed up with The Fifth Business to create an emotionally resonant awareness video spotlighting the journey of 5-year-old Emma facing type 1 diabetes .

The production services were graciously contributed as a heartfelt donation to the campaign, allowing us to do our part for the cause.


Sonja partnered with remote illustrator Emily Tinsley and

devised a solution

to ensure universal accessibility, including for those with hearing impairments, by designing a narrative with on-screen text for storytelling instead of traditional voice-over.

Balancing both budget and impact, a subtly swaying character was introduced, to embody the young protagonist, in lieu of a full scale character animation, eliminating the need for the elaborate rigging and animation process.

Through the symbolic use of visuals, such as the balloon and magnetic letter typeface, the animation captured the innocence of childhood while also portraying the gravity of the medical situation.


Highlighted the essence of the young individual's battle with type 1 diabetes.

Increased understanding for the emotional journey and challenges faced by the child and her family.

Educated on common misconceptions about the condition.

Captured audiences with poignant visual metaphors that resonated with viewers.

Boosted donations to support JDRF's #CountMeIn awareness campaign.


The #CountMeIn Awareness Campaign stands as a testament to our ability to create visually compelling narratives that resonate across diverse audiences, fulfilling communication and marketing needs while making a positive contribution to important causes.

JDRF was able to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes, dispel myths, and encourage donations to support their cause, by sharing Emma's story on various social media platforms.

Animation & Production: Sonja Geracsek

Illustration: Emily Tinsley

Agency: The Fifth Business