Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
Nova - Poop in Space

Bridging Education and Entertainment for Nova


Venture into a world where science meets humor, as we delve into the universe of "Waste in Space: How Do Astronauts Go to the Toilet?"

This engaging explainer video was a collaborative project between Kurzgesagt and the Australian Academy of Science's Nova platform.

Created for both education and entertainment, the video serves as a gateway to the Academy's treasure trove of educational content while unraveling the peculiarities of waste management in space.


Sonja, who was leading the animation process, with invaluable creative direction from Kurzgesagt's illustration team, brought this piece to life in the iconic Kurzgesagt humour.

Balancing the informative with the whimsical, the animation presents a seemingly taboo topic in a light-hearted manner.

The project serves as an educational vehicle but also emphasizes the significance of sharing knowledge on scientific topics, such as waste management in space.

This initiative also shines a spotlight on the educational platform  Nova, which hosts a wealth of interactive articles, animations, and diagrams.


Delivered captivating and entertaining journey into the world of space toilets of astronauts.

Educated and captivated audiences through subtle advertisement for the Nova platform.

Leveraged the Kurzgesagt's well-established name for educational excellence to successfully expand the Australian Academy of Science's reach beyond borders.

Spread science education successfully to a diverse and broad audience.

Enhanced the Academy's mission in inspiring curiosity about our world and beyond.


"Waste in space: how do astronauts go to the toilet?" exemplifies the potency of animation in bridging knowledge gaps and captivating audiences while underlining the importance of platforms dedicated to scientific exploration.

The potential of these collaborations in communication and marketing endeavors show how motion design can bring intricate concepts to life while driving engagement with target audiences.

Click below to view the campaign in action

Animation: Sonja Geracsek

lllustration: Kurzgesagt - in a Nutshell

Studio: Kurzgesagt - in a Nutshell

Client: Nova