Sonja Geracsek Motion Graphics
TEDxTUM - GIFs & Stickers 2019

TEDxTUM 2019

The static underwater scene with the DiveIn logo, created by a TEDxTUM volunteer designer, was the main challange for animation.

Transforming the static design into a moving scene with a logo reveal, has successfully brought the design to life.

For the run up to the event, a series of GIFs and social media stickers were produced to promote the main event.

The designs are based on the TEDxTUM logo with varied animation to give the social media team and the audience room to play and express their excitement for the event.

The DiveIn logo and poster design for the 2019 main event, was designed by an independent TEDxTUM volunteer.

Animation: Sonja Geracsek

Design: TEDxTUM